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Social media evangelism: reaching the Countries world with the gospel.

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Our social media outreach is a platform to reach many via all social media. A medium to spread the gospel using modern technology and electronic publicity of our lord Jesus.

You can use your social media for Jesus.

According to Mander’s research records, the average person spends 2 hours every day on social networks like Facebook, whatsap, Twitter, and Instagram; and that number is increasing year after years and day after days.

A whole lot of people are connecting, making friends, dating, reading the news, celebrating life’s milestones, shopping, laughing, and learning online for more hours a day than almost any other activity. Many would never accept an invitation from a Christian friend to attend a church service but will view a church service event on their friends social media. Most of such persons might click and watch a compelling video with a Christian message posted by the same friend they refuse church invitation from on Facebook and other social media platform.

Internet evangelism is done through building relationships of trust.

How to use your social media for Jesus.

1) Share stories of how Christ has changed your life and this will attract many of your old friends and new friends to your gospel.

2) Share your fears before and your faith now which will attract all forms of people and bring healing and faith to them.

3) Post pictures of you on a Sunday or week days service.

4) Post bible scriptures that touch you which you read or learn from church today.

5) Post on your social media that you are going to be praying for people today who ask for prayers.

6) Do a short video of the sermon you just heard from the church.`

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