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Reaching The Unreached In Africa

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Village and the unreached outreach: The villages in Africa and so many others who are yet to be reached by the full gospel of our lord Jesus in Africa.

In Africa, there are a lot of unreached and unfinished missionary works because most preachers concentrate on their city works and forget the village outreach and the others group of people serving others lesser gods. The largest portion of unreached peoples are in the North and West in most African countries. We are committed to reaching the unreached and committed to this unfinished task in Africa. Nigeria has nearly 80 unreached people groups containing 50 million people. The majorities are Muslim and the regions are frequently remote with harsh environments. We are working almost entirely in the rural districts and villages. We cannot take the message to the villages of Africa or other lands by using the methods employed by city evangelists, but rural Christian evangelism is a definite field of service, and one in which there are a thousand openings to do the work of the gospel and reach the unreached and the unfinished missionary works. Village evangelism in Africa has been the most fruitful aspect of the work of the gospel in Africa.

Our Strategies:

1. We acquaint ourselves with the local life and needs of the village, and help to meet those needs as far as possible and the preach the gospel to them.

2. Organize door to door outreach/ evangelism

3. Then organize open air crusade.

4. Organize small groups for Christian service and train a local leader to continue.

We make contacts and keep contact with the people in their homes and communities. For a successful work in rural evangelism can be accomplished only as we come in contact and keep contact with the people in their homes and village groups.

Nigeria Evangelism Crusade Events

Kingdomnaire Nigeria team leader Pastor Marcus Okhioya

(+2348063545377 & +2348025333155)

1. Febuary 21 - 23 , 2019 - Mowe and Ofada Ogun State

2. March 13 - 15 , 2019 - Arhoko Edo State

3. April 24 - 26, 2019 - Afuze Owan East LGA , Edo State

4. May 29 - 31, 2019 - Otuo Edo state

5. june 26 - 28 , 2019 - Maraba Abuja

6. July 18 - 19, 2019 -Arhoko village Edo state

7. August 29 - 31, 2019 - Bauchi Bauchi State

8. September 26 - 27 , 2019 - Fulani Camps.

9. Octomber 24 - 25, 2019 -Owan village

10. November 28- 29 - Kogi State

11. December 15, 2019 - thanksgiving service for all kingdomnaire workers and saved souls.

Nigeria Mission Photos

Ghana Mission and Crusade

Ghana Mission head by Pastor Moses Avasong (+233249640167) will be having one crusade and mission trip every month. Him and a the other 6 team members. The souls won will be handed over to a bible believing church in the locality. So as to grow the newly converted souls for them to grow and a contact follow up through messages and outreach materials will be ministered to them by the kingdomnaire outreach unit in Ghana.

Crusade and Outreach program for 2019 is as follows:

March 25 -27 2019

A 3days Crusade in Atonsu Dompoase.

April 6, 2019

Prison Evangelism outreach

The Kingdomnaire team will visit the Navrongo prison in the northern part of Ghana to evangelize to the prisoner and also serve them meal.

11-12 April 2019

A 2days crusade and mission trip will be held by the Ghana kingdomnaire team in a village called Chiana which is located in the northern part of Ghana.

25-26 April 2019

A 2days crusade will be held by the kingdomnaire in a town called Kaase in the southern part of Ghana.

May 29-31 2019

A 3days crusade and evangelism will be held in a town called Atonsu Bokro

June 26 -28, 2019

A 3days crusade will beheld in a Muslim dominated town called Ayigya Zongo.

July 29-31 , 2019

A road mission trip and evangelism crusade to a village called Kejege which is located close to the Volta lake.

August 28 -30 2019

A 3days Crusade will be held in Bonwire

September 25 - 27 2019

A 3days evangelistic crusade in Abira.

Octomber 29-31 ,2019

A 3 days road evangelical mission trip and crusade in a village called Kayoro in the Northern region Of Ghana

November 16, 2019

We shall be having a conference for called Youth and useful Conference for student and other young men and women. They will be taught the important of living a godly life , how to be useful. how to develop their talent and how to increase their prayer and study life. Many with addiction will be delivered from addiction and release into the light and life of Jesus Christ.

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